Mercury Snowmobile Calibrations

Please select your Mercury Snowmobile Model:

Model CC Year Clutch - 108EXP/102C Clutch - 4 Pro Arm P/N Spring P/N
Snow Twister*   74 212600A   L 203837A RED 205040A
Snow Twister**   75 212600A   B-1 207801A YLW 203475A
Snow Twister   76 212600A   AB 208455A GLD 208175A
Trail Twister     212600A   A-12 213864A1 PUR 207888A

*1 or 2 spring spacers 203849A. Remove 203849A spacers underneath the spider.

**Remove 1/8" of weight from bottom of tip. Remove 1 - 203150A spacer.

For less aggressive settings, use "D" arm 203088A, YLW spring 203088A. Remove both 203150A spacers.

For trail riding settings, use "B-1" arm 207801A, YLW spring 203475A and 2 spring spacers 203849A.

All calibrations start with 212600A as boxed.