Snowmobile Calibration Guide

Important Message:

Carefully read each message for safety reasons.

Included in this guide is a partial listing of known, reasonable, calibrations for models 102C, 108C, 108EXP and 108 4-Pro*. If your sled is not listed, please contact Comet Industries or your dealer for help.

Please select from the following snowmobile manufacturers to located the calibration guide you need.

Locate the spring engagements you need.

Locate the cam arms you need.

Select from the list below for clutch parts cross reference:

*For 108 4-Pro, add weight of 3 cam arms used in EXP or other 3 post clutch, plus 14% and divided by 4. This is the new cam arm weight for the 4-Pro.

The calibrations in this guide are in no way the ULTIMATE FOR ALL applications! They are general for TRAIL RIDING, not racing. For RACING APPLICATIONS, contact your dealer or Comet Industries to put you in touch with a Hi-Performance Shop.

Calibrations on this list are NOT high altitude (above 4,000 feet) unless noted.

Note: Warranty Disclaimer below concerning racing applications.

This Calibration Guide is intended for use in conjunction with Literature No. 161004A - Installation instructions for Arms and Spring on Comet 102C - 108 - 108 EXP.

CAUTION! To replace cam arms and spring, use care when disassembling cover. Hold cover in place until all bolts are removed, then gradually ease cover off. See Page 3, Step #4 of Literature No. 161004A.

Installation to be performed by authorized Comet Distributors or Dealers only.

Read instructions in Literature No. 161004A Carefully! Failure to comply with the procedures will void warranty.

Danger! Don't operate engine above 9,000 RPM. Never operate engine without belt and belt guard in place. Racing applications and / or disregard of warnings will result in total disclaim of warranty or any other liability by Comet Industries.

Loc Nuts must not be reapplied for a third time. Always replace after use in two installations. Ordering information on page 2 of Literature No. 161004A.