Founded by the Hoff Brothers in 1949, Comet Industries has over fifty years of experience manufacturing quality clutches, torque converters, brakes, and other components for snowmobiles. In 1993 Comet was acquired by Tenax Industries. Ownership may have changed, but Comet's dedication to quality has not diminished. Our state-of-the-art components consistently meet OEM demands and our Quality Assurance Program including SPC (Statistical Process Control) and JIT assures you of professional criteria with standards nothing less than excellent. Comet is also ISO 9001:2000 Certified and takes part in a Certified Vendor Program.

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94C Duster Clutch - Fewer parts, precisely made with perfect compatibility to one another makes the DUSTER the finest "EVERYDAY" clutch known yet for snowmobiles. The 94C Duster Clutch outperforms clutches costing twice as much, and its simple to install and calibrate. The 94C Duster Clutch doesn't require constant maintenance, and is built to last. There's a DUSTER for almost every application regardless of belt top width or crankshaft sizes.

For family fun, for work, even just to get a tired old machine moving again, the DUSTER does it better...better than your machines original clutch did when it was new.

102C - 108EXP Clutch - Designed for snowmobiles and other applications that require a full range of exceptional ability from engagement through the highest speeds available from the power source, the 102C and 108 EXP clutches are the best for snowmobiles and other machines using belt driven torque converters. The 102C and 108 EXP Clutches have unsurpassed tuning ability, outperform clutches of similar design, have an open face design for economical servicing.

For a clutch great in race track performance, try our Heavy Duty 102C, 108C or 108 EXP. Precision workmanship and materials, superb design (including the "open face" design for enhanced cooling, cleaning and lubrication), a great selection of "mod" components, and a proven record on the track and trail.

Selecting Brakes

Comet's precise, well-machined disc brake caliper delivers vital performance structured for efficiency and reliability. Minimum maintenance and maximum performance built into the unique design of the Comet disc brake assures immediate and full control of vehicle speed on changing terrain and travel conditions. Simplistic design reduces complicated adjustments, yet increases performance and durability. For more information on a clutch recommendation, please contact Comet Industries or your distributor.