Recreational Vehicles

Comet Industries has been providing quality products to avid extremists for over fifty years. It is because of these products that the Comet name has become pseudonymous with recreational vehicles. Some of these vehicles include:
•Dune Buggies
•Mini Bajas
•Mini Bikes
•Mini Choppers
•Racing Barstools
These vehicles provide hours of entertainment for everyone, young and old. Racing leagues, clubs, and yearly events have even been established to bring recreational enthusiasts together. Two of these growing groups are Mini Bajas and Racing Barstools. Mini Bajas are small, single seated, off road vehicles that are able to travel over rough terrain. These vehicles are similar to all terrain vehicles but are safer and typically handle better. It is because of these reasons that Mini Bajas have become so popular. Racing Barstool fans are also growing in number. A Racing Barstool is exactly what it sounds like, a motorized bar stool that you can race. The origin of this trend is not known, but many people have made it their claim to fame. Being able to customize and create your own Racing Stool is one of the appeals of the sport. The multi-purpose capabilities of this interesting, relatively new vehicle attribute to its popularity. Although racing bar stools are not street legal, they are often seen at flea markets, trade shows and other events.

Comet Industries is proud to offer quality products to our racing bar stool customers. Please contact Comet Industries and we will help answer any questions you might have about our products and this emerging sport.

Selecting a Clutch

There are many variations to consider. However, one thing is certain. The engine clutch on a mini bike, mini baja, mini chopper, dune buggie or racing barstool is one of the toughest applications ever required of a modestly priced centrifugal clutch, and if the recreational vehicle is direct drive, the engine clutch must absorb a considerable larger shock load than others. This is especially true where the rider is popping wheelies, patching out, and what about the beginner who holds the brake on and rides very slow, allowing the clutch to engage and disengage repeatedly. Care should always be exercised when selecting a clutch.

For more information on a clutch recommendation, please contact Comet Industries or your distributor.

Selecting Brakes

Comet's precise, well-machined disc brake caliper delivers vital performance structured for efficiency and reliability. Minimum maintenance and maximum performance built into the unique design of the Comet disc brake assures immediate and full control of vehicle speed on changing terrain and travel conditions. Simplistic design reduces complicated adjustments, yet increases performance and durability. For more information on a clutch recommendation, please contact Comet Industries or your distributor.

To learn more about how Comet Industries can help you with your recreational vehicles needs, please contact us.