Industrial & Commercial Equipment

Comet Industries manufactures a variety of parts for the industrial and commercial equipment market. Some of the industrial/commercial applications include, but are not limited too, concrete finishing tools and concrete screeds. Being able to quickly and easily lay large amounts of concrete, allow construction companies to effectively manage time and resources. This equipment is not only efficient, but also produces a higher quality product. Concrete equipment, such as concrete screeds, can be utilized for laying industrial slabs, house pads and even parking lots.

Comet also manufactures a variety of industrial cleaning components. Industrial sweepers, industrial scrubbers, and lawn vacuums are included in this group. These products help keep maintenance costs down and improve the quality of the work environment. Clean floors and equipment project to employees and customers a certain careful attention to detail and production excellence that companies strive to achieve. Clean work spaces also lead to better employee health and longevity of company machinery. It is with careful consideration of these aspects that compels Comet to takes great care in providing quality products and parts for many industrial and commercial uses.

To learn more about how Comet Industries can help you with your industrial equipment needs, please contact us.