Go Karts

Founded by the Hoff Brothers in 1949, Comet Industries has over fifty years of experience manufacturing quality clutches, torque converters, brakes and other components for go-karts. In 1993 Comet was acquired by Tenax Industries. Ownership may have changed, but Comet's dedication to quality has not diminished. Our state-of-the-art components consistently meet OEM demands and our Quality Assurance Program including SPC (Statistical Process Control) and JIT assures you of professional criteria with standards nothing less than excellent. Comet is also ISO 9001:2000 Certified and takes part in a Certified Vendor Program.

Selecting a Go-Kart Clutch

There are many variations to consider. However, one thing is certain. The engine clutch on a go-kart is one of the toughest applications ever required of a modestly priced centrifugal clutch, and if the go-kart is direct drive, the engine clutch must absorb a considerable larger shock load than others. This is especially true where the rider is patching out, and the beginner who holds the brake on and rides very slow, allowing the clutch to engage and disengage repeatedly. Care should always be exercised when selecting a go-kart clutch. For more information on a clutch recommendation, please contact Comet Industries or your distributor.

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